SFTP fairphone-fairphone

Hi everyone :slight_smile:
Would be nice to have a working SFTPconnection between 2 fairphones.
I tried several SFTPservers and SFTPclients.
Can anybody report from a successfull setup?
Thank you :slight_smile: silvertux

don’t have two Fairphones :wink:
anyway as client from FP5 to MyNotebook@Linux i use:
TotalCommander + SFTP Plugin, is not free/open but is good…

as server i not use before, but now as first try primitive ftpd and connect from FileZilla@NB@Linux to FP5 without problem :slight_smile:
some note to setup:

  • set Password (or assign key, don’t try)
  • set “Server(s) to be started” to SFTP only, if don’t want also start FTP server
  • set “IP to bind to” to your FP5 Wifi IP adress, if don’t want listen to mobile data
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Install termux - easy to set up ssh tunnels and sftp connectiond if you know a little Linux.