Severe issue with my FP2 and USB & charging (which used to run just fine for 4 months now...)


I’ve been a happy FP2 user for nearly 4 month now, running FP Open OS (self-compiled in the beginning, now on FP Open OS 16.05 and 16.06). My FP2 started to behave strange in the last week (reboots, empty battery in the morning after charging all night, etc. - all the good & known stuff).

Tonight I wanted to find out what’s wrong. I can say:

  • Charging is fine when the phone is switched off
  • I can transmit data in “fastboot” mode (e.g. “fastboot -w update …” works)

As soon as the OS is started, charging becomes a game of luck. And whenever I plug the phone into a computer, the USB connection choice dialog would not appear. Nothing, no “adb” etc. Strange, isn’t it?

What I did now:

  • Data reset
  • Wipe each and everything
  • Re-install FP Open OS 16.06
  • Re-install FP Open OS 16.05
  • Removed all SIM cards and the SD card as well
  • Repaired permissions from TWRP
  • Completely disassembled the phone (all modules), cleaned contacts with alcohol (no, not with beer!), assembled the phone again
  • Lit a candle and worshiped the gods of consumer electronics

…all to no avail.

Is it dead? Any ideas?

Will call support tomorrow, unless you guys have the idea… :slight_smile:


Seems like you covered almost everything, the only thing you didn’t mention is whether you tried different cables, which is usually the idea…

The FP needs a good quality data (4 threaded) cable to charge well. I’m not sure if the fact that it charges well while switched off proves that your cable qualifies. Maybe a switched off FP doesn’t need a 4 threaded cable - I don’t know if anyone tested this before? The fact that your FP doesn’t show on the computer also indicates that the cable might be broken.

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Sorry, should have mentioned - I tested nearly a dozen of cables (which used to work fine in the last months).

Interesting observation: I still can flash an OS via “fastboot”. The USB port seems to be “broken” with a regular Android OS or in Recovery only. Weird.

Whatever, I opened a support ticket. Locking at the threads on support ticket response time in the forum, I reactivated my old clamshell dumbphone and a battered Nexus 7 for the next months… :slight_smile:

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So weird. :confused:

If you actually post your request number in the thread you’ll get a reply soon.

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Thank you! I guess I’ll play it nice and give the support team a couple of days before escalating. :wink:

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Sorry guys, I lost my patience. Running my small business on a dumbphone is just so 1996. Back then I was happy to have a rock-solid Nokia 2110i. 20 years later I realize I cannot do without e-Mail & IM on the go. Let’s see what happens after posting to the support thread… :slight_smile:

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