Several modules Fairphone 2

I’m selling some modules of my Fairphone 2. I solely used parts from the online shop and I didn’t root my phone. You can take the modules you’d like to, but if you take them all at once, you’ll make me perfectly happy.

Age: I bought my FP2 in 2016, but the display module was replaced in 2018 and the top module was replaced in 2018 or 2019.

Condition: The modules themselves are used, but none of them has an actual damage. I wasn’t using my phone for the last two months. So I think it might be clear that I didn’t use the phone very excessively before :slight_smile:

Battery: It comes with a working and original battery, which lasted for at least 5 to 7 days when I was using my FP2. I cannot narrow it down more precisely because I didn’t really keep track of it.


  • 2 batteries (one used, which lasts as stated and a originally packed one, which I never used but directly bought from the online shop)
  • bottom module
  • camera module (8 megapixel)
  • top module
    If you’d like to also get the core module and the display module, I can also send them to you, but I cannot guarantee that they’re working as expected.

Cover: I can also send the original cover (white), but it starts degrading in one corner. Nonetheless it’s fully working (keeping the phone together reliably).

OS: latest FP Open OS (Fairphone Open 19.11.2)

Shipping: The phone will be shipped from Freiburg im Breisgau, but you can also collect it yourself here.

Price: Since the scope of the package, its destination (shipping costs) and the sold modules are not clear, the price is on basis for negotiation at this point. I’d like to get roughly what others get for their parts on this forum (fair’s fair :slight_smile:). I’d ask to pay via bank transfer, since I disapprove of PayPal.

EDIT: The batteries and the bottom module are no more on hand.
The camera module and the top module are still for offer.

Would you ship me the bottom module to Switzerland?

Your post is already very precise, but as there are many spare parts, perhaps you could:

  • post a photo of all the spare parts together.
  • say how old each part is (or when the FP2 was bought).
  • precise whether the camera modules are new or old.
  • if the phone is still working, post a photo displaying the date of today or tomorrow.


It was just to have an idea of how old the modules were, no need to be extremely precise. But buying a module from 2016 or 2018 isn’t the same thing :slight-smile:
You may want to edit your first post with the information you gave then :wink:

ging zwar nicht an mich, aber schick mir mal dm, was du für die Akkus und das Bottom Module möchtest :slight_smile:

I moved your post here, because this is the right topic to ask @Nepumuk. Perhaps you could edit your post to put it in english then.

why would I? He obviously understands German. :wink:

To keep the thread in the same language. But I suppose that’s not dramatic if it isn’t. As you want :slight_smile:

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2 batteries (one used, which lasts as stated and a originally packed one, which I never used but directly bought from the online shop)
bottom module

what uis price plus ship to new zealand?


Please check if sending batteries is allowed by the postal service you like to use.

several services offer lithium battery shipments, searched as you suggested.


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