Several issues with my fairphone2 could anyone help?

So… I’ve had my fp2 for almost a year… During this time together several issues has came up. Firstly it was the usual, trouble using the phone while charging the little thing. My screen isn’t locked in tightly so it can move a bit even though it’s supposed to be locked in position. Since january my bottom module has stopped working so to be able to take a call I need to have it on speakerphone, always. My camera is glitching and won’t focus and now the power button has stopped working. On top of that it also does crash and restart every now and then.
I have tried to find help about the later issues but with a concussion it is a lot to grasp here at the forum.
Could anyone help me and does anyone know when the bloody bottom module comes back in stack so that I can use my phone as an almost normal person? The choise to buy a fairphone was supposed to be a long term choice but now I fear this will be the phone I’ve had for the shortest period of time. And I have been careful with it.

Sorry for the harsh language, I am a bit upset right now.

Hello @92elma11 :slight_smile:

First, check that you are running the latest version of Fairphone OS (or Fairphone Open).

Second, try to remove the back cover, the screen, the bottom module and the camera module and put it back together to see if that helps somehow.

Third, you can try to make a backup of your personal data and do a factory reset.

Finally, i have no idea when the bottom module will come back in stock :confused:


I also had many crashes and installed the Android 6 beta. Now the crashes are gone for now. It is like a new smartphone. Installing the beta is relatively easy and as you got perhaps a bit annoyed by the crashes, I recommend to dare to try the beta. Just a few buttons and you can install it with the updater app. If you want to try it, post here or send me a pm.


Some of the issues might be solved by getting everything to align again by disassembling the phone into individual modules and then reassembling, other issues (like camera focus) should have been solved with recent software updates. If the issues persist there may be hardware defects, in which case you should contact support so they can check whether your device or some modules will be replaced under warranty.

Well, warranty cases usually have priority, so as long as you’ve filed a support ticket about the defective bottom module you should get one as soon as possible if Fairphone support determine that replacement falls under the (two year!) warranty. It might take a while longer before they show up as in stock in the shop, so don’t wait for that to happen if replacement should be covered by warranty (meaning it isn’t defective because, for example, you ran it over with truck, or because you dropped it when skydiving).


Hello @ced117 ! :smiley:
I have checked the updates and everything seems fine and up to date on that point, First I thought that was the issue but (unfortunately) that isn’t the case.

Ohh… I haven’t been brave enough to do that yet… I Will buy the tools necessary and try that!

should I wait with a backup and reset or do that before I’ve tried do demolate and rebuild my phone? :sweat_smile::blush:

A million thanx for your quick and supportive response! :blue_heart:

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Thanx for the tip @NochesIsFair! But for now I’m just not brave enough. I am hated by everything computerlike so I really need to be badly brave to put myself in the process of changing the operative system. I’ll keep you in mind though when and if the day of courage appears. :slight_smile:

@Johannes my camera focus is still not flying with me and the front facing camera makes everything end up in odd colours. :joy:
Ohh… I haven’t bothered to contat support since I got the reply on the FP facebook page that it is only 6 months warranty. But if there is 2 years warranty, i will most definetly contact them.
The phone has actually been living av pretty boring life, so no trauma has been happening to it… But it still seems to fall into pieces. :sweat_smile:
welcome to the tecnical life with Elin :grin: Don’t forget the popcorn!

The 6 month period has to with burden of proof. If Fairphone feel that a defect isn’t covered under warranty in that first 6 month period, it is up to them to prove that it isn’t. After six months, if Fairphone feel it isn’t covered under warranty, it is up to you to prove that it should be. In practise, I’ve not heard of many cases where a dispute was raised over whether something is covered by warranty, so they seem to be pretty good about it.
The total warranty period is 2 years for the phone, with the exception of the battery, which itself has a one year warranty. Hope this helps!


Aahhh Perfect then, will most definetly get in touch with them then :slight_smile: A million thanx for the info!

@92elma11 :slight_smile:
Well, just in case, do a backup before taking appart the phone.
After that, you can safely do it.
If this does not help, it will be time to try a reset of the phone…

Let me know if that helps.

No problem :wink:

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