Several issues like wrong date after restart, freezing frequently & W-Lan issues

Hallo guys,
since several weeks I have some issues, which are getting worse and worse.
It started with the wrong date after a restart (always the 2nd august, 2 pm) and problems with the WLan. Some times the phone wasn’t able to activate or deactivate the WLan, it was trying for hours until I restarted the phone.
I thought maybe the update to 1.8.5 (before I had 1.8) would help, but it got even worse. Nearly the whole time it was “searching some actualizations” with the download manager, even when it’s not connected with the WLan (it may also be the saving of actualizations, because I just can read “Aktualisierungen werden ges…”). I had to enter my sim-pin even if I didn’t restart the phone and it freezes several times. When it even started to crash during a restart I tried to reset it to factory mode. I reinstalled 1.8.5 and didn’t even open and connect to the google app store, hoping the searching and saving of the updates would stopp …
It got less frequent but either way it still takes places, it crashes several times a day, still has the wrong date after restart, when it restarts and not freezes half a way …

I would be very thankful for some help!
I’m from germany and also have the “roaming-issues” with eplus. May this be a reason? Does anyone know how to stopp the searching of saving of updates?

Sounds to me like the little battery on the motherboard is defect.
This happened before and the only solution was unfortunately to get the motherboard replaced by support.

This is a known bug. Look at this topic to see a workaround.

As for the other problems I don’t know, but they might be related to your motherboard issue.
I’d contact support.

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[quote=“paulakreuzer, post:2, topic:6360”]

Actually this only happens, if you take out the (rechargeable) battery AFAIK. But probably it could also happen, if the battery runs out of energy.

The “little battery”, @paulakreuzer is referring to, can be found on the mainboard:

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Thanks a lot for your help.
I managed to stopp the search for updates, but the other problems are getting worse, including new issues during making a call.
I contacted the support and hope for a answer these days!

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