Several issues including flickering screen when taking videos

Dear All,

I’m at a total loss with what to do with my Fairphone 3+. In December 2020, I purchased my first ever phone outright after receiving some birthday money and thinking long and hard about buying the Fairphone. As I have worked in the Fairtrade industry for 9 years, this felt like an important decision to be making, moving from a Samsung to Fairphone.

Unfortunately, I have been so disappointed with my purchase as I have had issues with my phone almost from the very beginning. Being a UK resident and buying this phone through the PhoneCoop, it was not initially clear where I could get quick support until I discovered this Forum. As this has been the best way to receive support I have decided to write this here. Forgive me if I am better off writing to Fairphone directly. Please let me know if so.

I was told that my warranty only lasted 12 months since I had bought it outside of the EU. Looking back on previous comments here, it looks like my phone was within warranty for 24 months. Since my phone had fallen out of my hand last summer though, I was told that the warranty could not be used (even though the fall didn’t damage the phone. The screen went black after falling but I later discovered via a google search that pressing down 2 buttons on the side of the phone for a few seconds would reboot the phone and this worked).

Normally my phones in the past have lasted at least 4 years (before it runs out of space). It is almost 3 years since owning my Fairphone and I have had more problems with this than any other phone. I am reluctantly having to consider returning to a non Fairtrade phone as this has been my worst experience of a phone since my first phone in 2003.

Here are some issues that I am currently having with my phone. I’m not sure if you can help:

  • unable to turn down volume when call is on loudspeaker (always been a problem).
  • flickering screen when taking videos
  • apps not working and so frequently having to close them
  • recently not able to connect to data when outside of wifi connection (data roaming option not even showing up).

Last summer, my screen shattered whilst trying to pop it out, as the screen had previously gone black (as mentioned above) and it was suggested here to do this in case it had become dislodged. Seeing as my only option was either to send my phone to France to be fixed or to pay for a new screen to fix myself, as neither of these were fail safe options and both options would be costly, I have had a cracked screen ever since.

Can anyone recommend any actions that I can take? I don’t want to give up on the Fairphone but I am pretty close to doing so with all the issues I have had to deal with it. I am mostly sad that being a Fairtrade advocate, I would not recommend this product to others.

Your input is much appreciated.

Best wishes,


Sorry to read that you’ve always had so many problems with your phone!
Actually I’d understand if you gave up in this case.
Fortunately I’ve never had so many problems, but it seems some have always been more and others less lucky with their FPs.

Anyway, regarding

I’d recommend you check the amount of internal data you’re using. If internal memory is quite full this could happen.
Another possibility could be usage of an SD card. Do you use one? If yes, as “internal memory” (not recommended!) or as “portable memory” (recommended)?

To solve your problem

you should check the APN settings of your phone. The necessary settings should appear on your mobile provider’s support page.

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Thank you for your reply Volker. How do I change from using internal memory to portable?
To clarify re your second response. It is only occasional that my phone doesn’t connect to data when outside of wifi connection. Does your response still apply?

Does sdcardguide sufficiently answer your question?

Probably not really. Is your mobile service connection good in this cases? Does your data plan allow all networks like 2G, 3G and 4G? Do other phones with the same mobile operator have network connectivity at the same place? What do you have to do to fix the problem what phone doesn’t connect to mobile data?

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