Several issues coming up lately

Hi all,

I am a happy and satisfied user of the Fairphone 2. Well, I was until recently since several things came up:

  • With calling, people can frequently not hear me what looks like a microphone issue. It happens on more then 50% of the calls
  • I have a every bad connection most of the time including in my house and in cities where the reception should be fine. When I have connection its 3G at most
  • Purple sport are coming up in the middle of the screen, at places where you mostly touch. That shouldn’t be right?

In addition:

  • The Rubber backcover is breaking up: it seems that the rubber part of the back and the rubber part of the edge do not match geometrically:and they started to separate at a corner.

Background: The device is of July 2016 and I`m a Dutch living in Austria

My question: The mic issue seems like a clear warranty theme. Should I make a warranty claim for all of the above? or for one issue? Are there any tips or trics that can help me out with the above topics? I’me a little hesitant of sending it to Holland with the post…

You can try a couple of things on your own first:

If all the suggestions there fail, it will also direct you to a specifically worded message to Fairphone Support.

And then, there’s the very active Austrian Fairphoners group … :slight_smile:

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I’ve tried to address the issues with the cover as mentioned on the forum, however I cannot submit the request since I do not have anything to fill in for the Module unique identifier (serial number) on the online form.

Well, I can’t remember that the IMEI was necessary. The support page for a broken regular cover reads as follows:

We want to help you further

We would like to look further into your case and determine whether it should be covered by the warranty or not.

Please make sure we have your correct shipping address by checking your account.

Once your address is correct please send us a support request below stating the following:

Subject: "Broken back cover"
Description: "My back cover is broken. I confirm that my shipping address is correct. Please help me further "
order number;
attach a picture of your back cover;
tell us which back cover is your favourite among:
    Slim White
    Slim Indigo Blue
    Slim Turquoise
    Slim Coral Red

Check them out on our online store and choose the one you prefer!

 Send us a support request

There is a hyperlink to the support request; and you don’t have to enter any IMEI or serial number as well.
So give it a try.
-> Back cover > regular > my cover is broken

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