Settings-Widget: missing link to internal file manager

The Amaze file manager app was dropped due to the introduction of the internal file management structure accessible under Settings → Storage & USB → Explore (see What is new with Android 6.0 Marshmallow?). Unfortunately this function cannot be selected for the Settings-Widget to put a link on the home screen. It would be great to enable a shortcut to the internal file manager because the less apps installed the better for the whole system. Does anybody know a solution?

You could still install it from the App stores. Amaze file manager can be found on Google Play as well as on F-Droid.

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Hi Amber,

that’s not what I mean. I prefer using built-in functions rather than additional apps for several reasons. The Settings-Widget offers a large number of deep links to several options available under Settings to put directly on the home screen, but unfortunately not the one for “Explore”. So I have to tap through several menu-levels to start the file manager function.

Well, Fairphone just bundled the free available Amaze file manager as a system app with Fairphone OS, nothing more, nothing less. Now, Android itself offers some file manager with a similar functionality. Maybe not everything is included that you need. Then install Amaze on your on. It is same as before, just not a system app.

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Searching the net offers that there is no other way to access Android 6.0’s internal “Explore” function than tapping through the settings menu. I assume Google simply “forgot” to add the corresponding deep link option to the Settings-Widget. Nevertheless it’s o.k. for a purist like me, who want’s to reduce the amount of additionally installed apps as far as possible.