Settings shortcuts menu

I’m unfamiliar with the latest Android versions, but I’m wondering… is the settings shortcut menu part of the Fairphone OS? If so, I have a suggestion :smile:

A “sync all” button.

On my previous Android phone, I made widgets for my home screen (similar to the native Android “Power Control” widget) for quickly switching wifi, data, bluetooth, screen brightness etc. It’s great that all this is now tucked away (but quickly accessible) in the Fairphone’s settings shortcuts. But my home screen widget also had a “sync all” button… hit it once and it syncs whatever apps you’ve chosen in the settings (mainly Google, I guess, but could be others).

Why would I need this? Well, I don’t like to have sync and data/wifi turned on all the time. I like to save battery power, and choose when to interact with online functions. So when I need to go online, I’ll hit the data or wifi button, and then “sync all” and everything is brought up to date. (I’m currently using an app called Synker, which has a sync widget, but it’d be nice to have this in the Fairphone menu with everything else).


Yes, you can create setting shortcuts on your home screen. Go to All Apps, and then select the Widgets option. Add the Settings Shortcut widget to your home screen - when you drop onto your home screen you will then get a sub menu so you can select which setting shortcut you want to create. Repeat the process for all the shortcuts you want to create.

I think as soon as you enable WiFi or data connection your phone will try to sync automatically, so I don’t believe you need a ‘sync all’ button.

Ah, no… this is a different thing. I’m talking about the settings shortcut menu (drag down for notifications, the little white icon in the top right corner).

I think Google accounts may sync automatically if you have them globally set, but I like to be more specific… just Calendar and Mail, really.

@adrian In that case no, you’re going to need an external app to do that sort of thing. Unfortunately I don’t know any that do this - I’m using the Quick Setting Tiles for all my settings which you can configure through GravityBox (via the Xposed Installer). It’s not recommended for everyone, but if you’re an experienced user you should be fine… but I don’t think there is anything for Syncing apps unfortunately

Maybe I understand wrong, but you can specify which parts of your Google account should be automatically synched.
If you go to settings and tap your Google account under “Accounts”, then tap the name (email address) of the Google account you wish to configure, then you can specify what should and shouldn’t be synched, by toggling the checkboxes on or off.

Yes, that’s exactly how I remember it from my previous phone, Jerry. But on my Fairphone, there are no checkboxes for selecting Google components… just the “sync now” button.

It’s probably just something I did wrong when I initially installed the Google apps… when I have the necessary mental energy, I’ll uninstall them and start again :wink: