Settings for pull down menu?

Hi, is there a way to control the update frequency of the notifications in the pull down menu? It appears to update continuously, whereas it makes more sense to me if it updates only upon opening the menu.

I regularly swipe away new notifications that just enter, while the message that I wanted to swipe away is moved downwards and stays in the list of notifications.

Anyone recognize this? Solution?


Have you already had a look at Settings > Apps & Notifications ?

There, I can switch notifications on and off and suppress sensitive data to be shown, buy that’s not what I’m looking for.

When I pull down the notification list and a message enters after that, it is immediately shown in the list. When I swipe away older messages, I can swipe away the wrong one, if just at that moment a new message enters the list. I’m simply not quick enough.

Sadly this isn’t really preventable, sometimes notifications move like that, I had this happen to me this month once too. It is frustrating, but it should only happen very rarely unless you get very many notifications. If you get too many notifications, you should probably disable or even uninstall some apps that are spammy like that.

Slow down even more when you swipe to remove, maybe :slight_smile:

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