Setting up an "unsecure" VPN

Hello !

One thing that I’m missing on my FP5 is the VPN to my parent’s home router in Belgium.
As I’m living in Italy it is quite useful to be able to connect to Belgium (to help them remotely or to watch belgium geo-restricted stuff :angel: )

But I’m unable to set up the “IPSec Xauth PSK” authentification on Android 13.

For the FP4, it is still easy to set-up:

  • install Android 11
  • configure VPN
  • upgrade to Android 13

In this case, Android 13 is complaining that the VPN is “not secure”, but is working fine anyway :slight_smile:

To be clear, even if the connection is not secure, it’s fine for me because I’m not doing sensitive stuff…

However with FP5 shipping with Android 13, I don’t have this option:

I tried to find somewhere on the FP4 where the configuration file is stored (to copy/paste the VPN config with root) but I didn’t find it, it should be well hidden…

I also try to understand if it is possible to set-up a more recent VPN protocol on the FritzBox router, but as far as I understand not with the (outdated) firmware version that is distributed by this Internet Service Provider…

Does someone have an idea?

Model - FRITZ!Box Fon WLAN 7360
Installed firmware - FRITZ!OS :06.52

Latest firmware from AVM:
Version: FRITZ!OS 6.85
Date: 26 October 2018

EDIT: seems that even with the latest firmware this model cannot run “methods such as OpenVPN or the IKEv2 protocol or Wireguard” :cry:

However, the FritzBox 7360 hardware is supported by OpenWRT so this could be something to test :slight_smile: