Setting colors for each sim impossible

I recently bought a FP4 and I’m stuck with the above problem. I can pickup the color, but when I save my choice, it won’t be stored (the name is correctly stored, though). Both sim cards are set on orange and they both are shown in white (before I tried to change the colors, I had sim1 in cyan and sim to in blue, although the were shown in blue and green respectively. I wasn’t satisfied with the colors, but now it’s worse. Any idea how I could fix that? I found a topic rather close to my problem (it was switching the numbers for the sim cards, a feature I would also have liked!) and the answer was to select appropriate colors and names, which seemed to work then, as the problem seemed to be solved.

I answer my own question in case this could help either any other user or the developers: after I struggled a rather long time trying to solve this issue, hoping one of the updates would bring the fix, I was happy to get it when I applied the last update, namely build FP4.TP1V.C.073.20230905 with Android 13. BTW, the whole time when it didn’t work, the color dots to the left of the color name didn’t show and now they do



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