Set backs caused by Power saver mode


Im experiencing Set-backs on my Phone, when the battery hits the 15% Line and goes into Power saving.

To make it more clear, its mostly while watching videos.
For example Im watching Netflix and startest at 53% battery, i watch like 2 episodes of my series, then 15% strikes and Netflix is showing me the Episode i started with this Session, like i didnt saw it already. Or watching reels on insta, 15% strikes, reel gets aborted and the feed refreshes…

Its Like this since I got the Phone, hoped it would go better with an Update, Looks Like there isnt coming one…

Has someone experienced this aswell?

A strange phenomenon indeed, but have you reported this to official Fairphone support? No bugs can get fixed if they’re not properly reported.

As an indication of why this might be happening, your remark

may be a hint. This to me sounds as though the apps that were running at the time the battery saver kicks in, are reloaded as you say, and pick up where they started and not where they’d got to. This may be unavoidable, but I don’t know how the battery saver works in detail.

A last remark: I advise you to avoid running your battery down below 20%. That will shorten its life.

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battery saving mode toggles dark mode on, and I believe many apps don’t handle switching themes well without refreshing the content like that.


As @OldRoutard said: It looks like “Power Saving Mode” reloads all running apps in a different context, making them lose all memory of what they were doing right before. It’s just a supposition, but a quite plausible one.

Also, as he also said, do not let your battery go that low, you are killing it.
If you want to binge watch some series make sure your battery is charged: At 53% it’s already half empty…

Hey Guys,

I know you Just want to be nice and Help but please dont brag about my batteryusage, i only Charge it until 80% to save it, also the fp4 isnt so great at all in Terms of Long using time…

Looks like noodlejetski ist Right about His guess, when i toggle darkmode manually, the same phenomenom appears.

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