Serveral problems with my FP2

Hi guys.

I got a few (new)problems with my phone:

  • The frist thing is, i got multiple reboots a day since the last update. 50% of the reboots are related to What´s App, when I start to load big data via Wifi, a video for example, or i try to open videos and photos via different apps. The app(s) stop(s) working, no reaction from the phone and then crash. After the reboot, my battery is always 15% and after a few seconds, the battery is empty. Nearly every second one percent. The rest are restarts through out the day, no idea why.
    But the problem, that annoys me the most, is the battery problem. On some days, without a crash, I can watch it going to zero. I got two sim cards and wifi or mobile data on, but there is no reason to loose capacity that fast. Correct me, if I´m wrong.

  • It is not possible for me to make phone calls via headset (BOSE Soundtrue Ultra). The other person can´t hear me. I have to plug it out and use my speaker or the internally microphone.
    The thing is, i used it until a few weeks ago and after the last updates, don´t know which one exactly, it stopped working.

  • is there any solution to tune up volume from the dialer? It is too quiet. Didn´t find anything here in the forum.

Thank you in advance for your help guys :slight_smile:

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Can we, the forum users, know how old is your phone? There are different batches of FP2s, and reboot issues are reported from FP2s of any ages.
Make sure you have the latest update installed.

Well, there are reported some reboot issues related to apps, especially the Facebook app is notorious. WhatsApp-related reboots are unknown to me. (I personally don’t have WhatsApp on my phone.)

To verify that the reboots are caused by an app, you could try to a) delete the app data, b) uninstall the app and reinstall it again, c) uninstall the app and use the phone without the app. Caution: Before doing those three things, please backup your app data if it’s important to you.

So we speak about a wired headset which is plugged into the headphone socket. (This information is important as troubleshooting instructions differ by wired, USB and Bluetooth headsets.)

The first step of troubleshooting a wired headset is to use it with a different device. The plugs of headsets break often and easily. Does it work with that another device? If not, your headset is defective and can be brought to the nearest e-waste collection point.

The next step would be to get a different headset and use it with the FP2. If it does not work, ask support for a new top module. After you have checked both headsets work with the new top module, the old top module can be brought to the nearest e-waste collection point.

Please note: There are three different plug systems for headsets: a) Two plugs with three contacts each (used on PCs and most laptops), b) One plug with four contacts, CTIA version (used with modern mobile phones, also the FP2, and some laptops), c) One plug with four contacts, OMTP version (used with very old mobile phones, irrelevant nowadays). If your headset and socket are from different systems, you will need an adaptor. Using an a) socket with a b) plug or a b) socket with an a) plug without an adaptor will result in a non-working microphone.

Just use the volume buttons at the left side of your phone during the call. If the maximum volume level is too low, you cannot fix it without rooting.

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Thank you for your replay tofra.

My phone is first batch. Got a few replacings of the top and bottom module. It´s not going very well with my phone. It´s always up to date. I had lots of issues with my FP1 too.

Just this moment, I had a reboot. I wanted to make a Whats App backup and as soon as I pressed backup, it crashed.

My headset is working fine with every other device and phone. I think it´s a problem with the dialer. Via What´s App calls, it´s working fine.

Thanks for the support.

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