Separating o365 work apps

Hi community,

I’m looking for a way to separate o365 work apps from my daily driver, so that when I’m off work, I’m not bothered by emails and chats, but dreading having to wear 2 mobile phones on me.
I used to use the AOSP standard functionality of creating multiple users, but the android 12 upgrade broke Android Auto on any user other than my main user (in contact with FP support with that, see my other post on this forum).
Now I’m running into the next problem trying to create a better work/life balance without having to use another phone.

When installing Microsoft Intune (Company Portal) and logging in with my company creds, the creation of a separate “Work Profile” failes every time.

Anyone else got this working on FP4 Android 12?


Work profile works fine for me, there is also a demo option available here: Android work profile

If that also fails, then maybe contact your company IT department.

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Thanks, glad to hear the problem exists just locally.
The demo also fails unfortunately, so will have to contact site support indeed.

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