Sensors not working

The compass and sensor for turning the display are not working since the last reboot the FP2 does sometimes.
I already removed the battery for several minutes and restart the phone, but the functions don’t come back.
You can recognized the failure easily by starting the original camera. If the option for panoramic foto is missing, then the sensors are “missing”.
Anybody else with that problem?

Which FP OS version are you using? You should be able to see this in the updater app or the three digits at the end of the build number in Settings > About this phone. 1.9.3 is latest, and I have a panoramic mode option in the camera app with it.

Could you try the Sensors app from Play Store (the one with the red heartbeat or droplet icon is ad-free) to check your sensors? Geomagnetic field and rotation vector are the interesting sensors here, they should display different readings when you turn your phone.

Software is on 1.9.3
I downloaded the app, also on my old Galaxy S2.
There are some sensors missing on the Fairphone :-/
See on attached Screenshots:

My compass doesn’t work at all. There is a suggestion to calibrate doing lying eights. And the sensor doesn’t show even less possiblities (FP2, newest Android update). I installed the software you proposed and I see only that.
The acelerometer doesn’t show any result, the geomagnetic field shows constantly moving results in the same range, and proximity shows 0 or 5.
Is this connected with the compass which doesn’t work?

So my FP2 broke down completely. It restarts after boot. The booting takes forever and behaving like after a software update. "preparing apps 1 of xxx. :frowning: I think after my vacation in Australia I have to send it in for repair :-/

Try clearing the cache. First you go into the recovery mode, then choose clearing cache.

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