Sennheiser PXC550-II

Hi there,

I’m experiencing problems connecting my Sennheiser PXC550-II to my new Fairphone3+.
I checked the Bluetooth troubleshooter but so far no luck. My phone keeps bringing up “PXC550 refuses connection”.
The bluetooth protocol is compatible. I just bought the phone so resetting to fabriekinstellingen (again, because there were other problems e.g. the sim card) seems an unlogical solution.

(So far not so pleased with the whole FF experience, it seems like I’ve been troubleshooting since I got the phone…)

Thansk for the help!

You may like to ensure that neither 4G Mobile band nor 2.4GHz wifi are enabled as they use the same frequency range as bluetooth. I had a similar problem and had to connect a bluetooth device after switching the wifi to off or 5G only.

I had to do this on my new computer that was using 2.4GHz wif also.

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Hi there,

it could also be like this: In order to connect to a robot toy via bluetooth, I had to switch on GPS on the Fairphone. I have no idea what this is supposed to be good for, but it solved the problem :slight_smile:

All the best, Jens

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Hi @dulldeidi

I think the Sennheiser PXC550-II is a bluetooth headset and should NOT need tracking via GPS. Of course it may have a ‘Location chip’ on the possibilty you may want to find it. :slight_smile: There’s no one on earth that would put location beacon in a headset to find out where your head is located. Oh! I forgot they do that with phones. :slight_smile:

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@amoun I totally agree-it does not make sense. It did not make sense for the robot toy either :slight_smile:

All I am saying is: give it a try!

All the best, Jens


Maybe I was thinking of a toy that moves away from the operator and feeds back location information so it can be tracked by the user. The user control can benefit from knowing the distance of it’s object for channel selection. :thinking:

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So we sit back and wait for @Sofie_V to test our hypothese :slight_smile:

Let’s see what happen :slight_smile:

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Sometimes, to use bluetooth, you need to have location on, because bluetooth can leak location by connecting to other devices (this doesn’t necessarily mean your headset contains a GPS chip). Like for the corona tracing apps which need the location permission to use bluetooth, because they can connect to other devices.
No idea why it should be the case for a headset, but I’m not too surprised in case if is this. Perhaps because there is an app for controlling the headset, and the phone requires location because the app could access sensitive information?


I know, that the Sennheiser Momentum True Wireless needs at least Location for the app to work. And it helps locating the device.
And e.g. there are Dyson air purifiers with bluetooth, that need location as well, if my memory serves me right.
I stopped trying to make sense of it. :frowning:



Given that a few more experienced users seem to think location may need to be activated I have been reading up on the headset via.

It clearly doesn’t state that Location is used on page 3.

I note on page 16 that if you have installed the Smart Control app you may need to install apps for other devices like ‘Alexa’, so maybe something else you are connected to is interfering with setting a connection.

I expect you know the above via the manual and I note that the headset can only pair to 8 items so it may be worth checking how many you have and that it is able to drop one automatically otherwise you may have to free up a slot for the phone.

Anyway I hope you ave sorted it by now? Have you tried connecting anything else via to the phone to ensure that the bluetooth on the phone is working fine?


The reason might also be trivial: Is there another device which was paired to the Sennheiser before, and which automatically connects as soon as the headset is turned on? An existing connection might be the reason for refusal of new connections.


although this doesn’t help you directly, I can attest that the Sennheiser PXC-500-II
works flawless with a fairphone-2 (of course with WLAN and LTE turned on).
You don’t need the Sennheiser-app for simple music / voice operation,
but it may be helpful for some adjustments (and firmware updates).
BTW: Did you press that small button on the headset for pairing?


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