Sending texts from 2 numbers with dual sim?

Is it possible to use both sim numbers to send texts at different times ?
I have one as a work number and due to sensitive nature of work can’t disclose my personal number ?

Can you also have 2 WhatsApp account a?

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That should work in both cases, though I don’t have a WhatsApp account.
If I recall it correctly, you do register with a phone number for WhatsApp, so you should be able to register 2 times with two numbers.
To be safe, you could use “different names”; eg. with and without first name.

The ability to send text messages (SMS) using the different SIM cards, should be available in the settings of the SMS app. Eg. for the phone, I have set to ask before dialing, what SIM to use. For SMS I didn’t check so far.
Maybe it depends on the OS as well.

To use WA for 2 numbers you must download the normal as well as the business version and assign a number to each app.


Hi JudeMc,

for texting please check Set up the SIM card(s) on your FP3/FP3+ – Support (

you can pick a specific SIM card, or decided to be asked every time you want to send a message

WhatsApp does not support multiple instances or accounts out of the box, see WhatsApp Help Center - Using one WhatsApp account on multiple phones, or with multiple phone numbers.

Also, Fairphone has not implemented app cloning How to use two WhatsApp numbers at the same time on a dual SIM phone ( in its pretty stock Android.

There might be (unsupported) tricks to get the desired functionality, maybe others here know how.

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If you want twice WhatsApp on your phone, you can use the app Shelter from F-Droid, or Island from the play store, it uses the work profile feature of android. You could then have WhatsApp installed in your personal and in your work profile.

But if it’s your business phone, shouldn’t you already have a work profile on it?


Not really sure what a work profile means as never had a dual SIM phone before just separate phones


It means you can have two sets of apps (in the app drawer you have two tabs, one personal and one work), completely separate (well, nearly), with their own data in two separate folders.


Oh thanks so much - I had no idea this was possible ! Thank you ! I’ll look into how to do that ! Any links and info welcome !


You can use the app Shelter, download it from F-Droid or the google play.
And a link for how to use it:

It has some features you might not need.

And if you have any questions, feel free! I use Shelter myself a lot.

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Thanks for this - I’ve had a quick read will in more detail you know if it can be used to separate out text message inboxes too?
Thanks ! J


No, you can’t use an SMS app in Shelter.
Maybe some SMS app could allow having two separate inboxes, but I don’t know any.

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