Sending pptx as e-mail attachment

I used Microsoft’s Office app on my FP1 to open a pptx and select to share it as an attachment. The attachment showed up when I composed the e-mail, but as it was sent the attachment disappeared (3Mb) and was not included in the e-mail.

Has anybody experienced this? How can one reliably send office documents from the FP1?

Have you received the pptx by mail and do you by any chance use K-9 Mail? If so you need to click Download the whole message before you open attachments.

I’ve received office files and needed to do this step before I could forward them by mail.

It’s about sending files Stefan, not receiving.

I use the default Android e-mail client (exchange account).

I know. I read your post carefully. Can you verify that the pptx is stored in a user directory and not just in some temporary folder?

Ok, sorry. I downloaded it from some server. I assume the downloads folder is a user folder.