Sending photos by text

Cannot send photographs by text message. Never worked in 2 years despite many complaints to phone coop UK

Do you have MMS included in your phone plan?

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Hi, I’m afraid I don’t know. I’m with phone-co-op U.K. don’t you get it automatically? Is that the same as ‘messenger’. I have wotsap and that doesn’t work either unless I am at home or in a WiFi cafe. I have done lots of resetting back to default etc, as advised by phone co-op but nothing seems to work.

Ok so if WhatsApp doesn’t work without WiFi I think that you don’t have any mobile data in your plan. As far as I know, MMS are sent via the internet, so it cannot work with your current contract (if you really don’t have mobile internet which I doubt, since hardly any contract in the last 10 years is without internet). Are you sure that you enabled mobile data when trying to send a WhatsApp message?

Btw I never used MMS, since it is very expensive and impracrical

Presumably this is with EE and not a business contract with o2 or Vodafone? It doesn’t fill you with confidence when support document still refers to Orange settings here:

You can get EE MMS settings by filling in details of any supported Android device here and comparing the results with yours:

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Check the APN settings.

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thanks to all
I have some friends who are not on wotsap + don’t use their mobile for
email etc, only texts and calls.
When I look at ‘Mobile Plan’ it says ‘Phone Co-op has no known provisioning
website’ - they use BT for landline and broadband - but who knows ?
When i look at mobile network settings it says
Data roaming: - that is switched off
Preferred network type 4G recommended: - 4G is ticked
Access point names: EE Internet everywhere (that is ticked) and EE MMS
eezone … EE MMS APN eezone. Proxy not set, Port not set Username
eesecure and a password. Lots of other stuff. Is this Access Point what I
need to change? I have done this a few times under instruction from ‘phone
coop’. I will ask them again. cheers

Your EE settings are fine, have you tried sending MMS to yourself to check (must be between 76K > 300K) in size? Have received MMS on Fairphone 2 on EE with these settings from o2 UK device. Is there only one SIM in your device and in Settings > SIM cards > Mobile data is selected for it? As mentioned in earlier post if you turn off WiFi and can’t access internet in browser using EE then MMS won’t function.

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