Sending back Spare Parts: Possible? Top- and button module

according to the check app my primary and secondary mic stopped working. I am considering to give it a last chance and invest into a new button and top module.

I am just not sure if there is anything else wrong with my Fairphone.

If I oder spare parts, is there any chance to just return them to Fairphone and get a refund?

Cheers, Julian

If you did not cause any defect yourself and if the FP2 and its parts are still within warranty (two years, except for the battery: 1 year), then you can qualify for a warranty replacement of the non-working modules. Top, camera and bottom modules are usually replaced without the need to send the defect ones back to Amsterdam. However, you will need to go through various procedures to rule out any other issue causing the malfunction. See

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Dear Urs,

I already passed the 2 years warrenty. I am just wondering if I can order the spare parts and send them back in case they do not solve the problem.

In that case I would give it a try, otherwise its the end of my Fairphone :frowning:

I do not wanne invest 60 Euros into a mere guess about the problem. Might also be another issue.

Well, then I’d still try everything the Troubleshooting Tool suggests. Additionally, you can contact a Fairphone Angel if any is located near you. That might allow you to cross test your modules and perhaps someone else’s.

The returns policy can be found at You can refund anything within 14 days of purchase, otherwise contact Fairphone Support as this is a community forum.

And indeed, contact an Angel if there’s any near you and try to exchange the parts with theirs.

Thanks everybody! I decided to sell my FP…so sad but I guess necessary…

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