Send Back and have another one? motherboard problem / warranty?

Hello all community - sorry for my english but I will be faster as possible. I bought my FP3 last june just two weeks before the fp3+ but I didnt know. I was not enthusiastic about the system android itself but more than happy for my choice to a sustainable project as F is - but was just at the beginning and after two months everything goes fine - the camera is not good (behind and in front) and with instagram is more than bad - i was so sorry about that because i was investing 450euro after 2years I was looking to buy it. More about - two days ago my FP3 just fall down from 5cm (from the bed) and he died completely… I found in the community some tips but then i decided to contact one of my best friends who works with broken mobile to restore but even he said me probably there is a problem with motherboard. were just 5cm! I dont think was the problem… the FP3 was perfect at all, it ws with low battery, I was try to rechange it… but from one point to another if I was recharge phone the screen was out of control - WHAT I have to do? contact Fairphone directly or just send them back to France where they have the restore place?? I have 2years of ‘assistant’ / warranty on the phone, should I have one new back? I felt a little bit lost with it, need to admit
thank you all to read and help me
have a great sustainable and sunny day , namastè

This. … https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us

You can’t just send it back without them approving this. There’s a process to go through, which starts by contacting support.

Not necessarily, as the phone is repairable for the most part, but it’s one possible result of the support process.

How did he figure?
Did he take the modules apart or at least rearrange the connector of the display module? (This doesn’t void the warranty.)

If you happen to have #fairphoneangels (<- see link for info) with Fairphone 3 experience in the vicinity, they perhaps could take a look.

Else …


Hi @ChrisLorenzi

My daughter had the same thing happen last week, she opened the back and reassembled the parts ~ all was fine. Given the modular design it is possible, though rare, that a small drop can dislodge the some contacts between modules.

Fairphone are likely to ask you do do that before sending it back so it will save some time especially as support is slow :frowning:

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thanks dear amoun also to your suggestion… i really cant find the page unluckly to contact them… i will try again now… my english is not perfect but ill fix it, hope so

First here is a page that details the disassembly, don’t go past step 7 to stay within warranty and ask a friend to help if you are nervous :slight_smile:

Here’s a link to support

which you can find via the top menu on the forum via Support or you can email them direct via support@fairphone.com

You may not get a reply for some days and even then it may only be an acknowledgment of you request ~ it can be painfully slow hence the idea that you may be able to fix it yourself.

Have fun whatever you do, even on a cloudy day.


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