Send and receive MMS

Problem to send and receive MMS with the Bouygues Telecom network. Is FP3 well configurer for this network ?

Please have a look here …

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With German Telekom and my FP2 I have to activate “Mobile data”/“Données mobiles” for the SIM; which is kind of making MMS a really expensive message, if you do not have a data-rate. :wink:

@bertG This raises two questions for me: Who doesn’t have a phone contract without data in 2019 (I don’t even think there are contracts without data available in Austria) and, more importantly, who the hell sends MMS? I can’t even receive them, I get an SMS saying “You’ve received an MMS. Please visit [link] and enter your phone number together with the password [unnecessary long code] to see it.”


Well, I got a contract without data in 2019. Why would I want or need one? My usage does not require data flatrate.
And I receive MMS.
From Telekom all the time. I consider those Spam and delete them instantly, not opening them, of course.
From others sending me pictures.
And I don’t have What’sApp … for obvious reasons (considering who’s behind this app).
And the message where and how to download is sent only, when downloading has failed (because of disabled “mobile data”).
Might be, that different providers in different countries handle this differently.

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Off topic:
In den Niederlanden ist es sehr einfach, ein Abonnement ohne Daten abzuschließen. Meine Schwester hat ein Abo ohne Daten. Sie findet es unnötig, überall Daten zu haben. Wi-Fi ist fast überall verfügbar. Wenn nötig, sollten die Leute sie anrufen!