Selling new and unopened FP3 Protective Case and Screen Protector

Hello everyone,
I am selling my newly bought Fairphone 3 Protective Case blue and my Fairphone 3 Screen Protector with Blue Light filter. They are both still in their original packing (unopened) and are completely unused. I am selling them because I know decided to buy the FP4.
I paid 69,90€ for both, but I am offering them together for 65€ and send them to you within Germany (I’ll pay the sending costs). Sending them to other countries I need to check the sending costs first.
Also it is possible to buy one of the two things, then it is 38 for the protective case and 28 for the screen protector (Sending same like described before).
If you have any questions, dont hesitate to contact me.

Kind regards,
Andre Kloos

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So to make this offer even more tempting I will go down to 60€ for both or 35 for the protecive case and 25 for the screen protector.
Best regards,

Hi Andre,
I was wondering what would be your best offer for both to ship to Ireland?
All the best,

Hi Katie,
my best offer is 55€ and I pay the shipping cost of 5 € (both are unopened and newly bought).
What do you think about that offer?
All the best,


Thanks Andre, I’ll PM you there

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