Selling my phone. How to do a wipe & clean install?

Hi all,

I’ll be selling my FP1 (to my mum) now I received the FP2. After copying all necessary data, I would like to completely wipe the memory and give my mum the phone with a clean install.

How to do that? (I checked HOWTO Testing the latest UNOFFICIAL 4.4.4 ROM and switching back to FP OS again [for Unix & FP1] but not sure whether that would be applicable, and if so, from which step to start).

I think a hard reset should do the trick!

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Grand, thanks for the quick reply :smiley:

Hard reset and then you install the unofficial 4.4.4 ROM :grin:

Works great!!

I was more thinking of the ‘switching back to FP OS again’ part of the instructions I linked to

Don’t intend to give my mum a unofficial OS :stuck_out_tongue: