SELLING - FP4 256GB 5G - Finland

Hello, I’ve decided to sell my Fairphone. I’ve gotten to try out the phone for a while and I feel like I prefer using my old phone, so I’m getting rid of the new one.

It’s the 256 GB edition with a Green case. The outside of the phone has lost some of it’s colour.

Ships from Finland and I’d like at least 550€ for it.

I bought it off my ISP at the start of the year. The screen has a little crack on the left side of the screen, right at the edge.

Hello, just to let you know that it might be difficult to sell at this price, as the new one costs now only 50 euro more…


Its customary to post a picture of the running phone with current date.

Also it might be good to add if the prolonged warranty was registered and will be available for the new user

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