Selling FP3 without working GPS + 2 extra Batteries

Due to my need of a working geo location through GPS/Galileo/GLOSNASS I have to upgrade to FP4, but Id like to sell my current FP3.
Anything else works great with either original FairphoneOS, /e/ or a respective LineageOS (is based on latest Android version, 12, and works like a charm). I am able to flash and sell it with whichever OS you like.

I bought it in September 2019. Since than, the complete phone (and with it the IMEI) got changed in October 2020 by Fairphone due to warranty. I also did change the display module as well as the bottom module in September 2021. If necessary I can provide receipts and Fairphone correspondence.
There are a few scratches on the display glas, but the touch works without issue on any spot of the display.
Furthermore you can have 2 additional batteries which I had only used for a couple of multiple-day-trips and are permanently stored at about 60-80% charge at room temperature without UV-exposure.

Since the phone itself works very well, except for the geo location (location with WiFi does work though) I would ask for 220 Euros plus shipping (or we can meet up around Dresden/Berlin, Germany).

EDIT: I was in extended contact with Fairphone, but they dont ship the core module (which is most likely at fault here and costs 210) separately. Since I dont want to be without a phone, I am going to sell my current FP3 once I got a new one.

Do you mean FP4??

The title says selling FP3 so not an upgrade if you want another FP3

You just want to sell one as it’s faulty and cannot be repaired ??

Indeed, cheers. I edited the post to (hopefully) make it more clear.

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So the new core module has no 2 year warranty? Because it would still be within this window…for sure it needs to be send to France and you never know what they find, however…

You sure about the extended warranty for the second core module?
I mean I love this logic, but I assumed warranty does no longer apply since it isnt attached to the part, rather the order?

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Sure no, I didnt check the warranty details on the HP, however why not? Why not stating this to FP, they will tell you if this is not correct😉

2.1 The Fairphone smartphone device, the separately bought Fairphone accessories and replaceable smartphone modules (“Modules”) are covered by this Warranty for 24 months from the date of delivery to the original purchaser.

I think you are correct in that any repair, even the core module, doesn’t extend the warranty, that wouldn’t make sense to me.

If you could buy the core module as a spare part then it would but a repair no way :slight_smile:

Cheers to you both, I did ask the support again. At least due to checking this, I realized they actually replaced the whole phone in October 2020 due to not being able to fix the issue.

Well Ill see whats their opinion on this :slight_smile:

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The warranty goes form date of first receipt of the original phone. If it were to carry on to any subsquent phoen you could in theory have a phoen for life if it fails every year.

No it’s clear, any subsequent replacement is part of the original warranty not the start of a new one.

Execution of the manufacturer warranty does not imply a warranty extension. Repairs have a 3-month repair warranty for the issues present with the original repair. Each FP3 or FP3+ product comes with a 24-month warranty. A new module does not extend the warranty of the smartphone device with which it is compatible.

I would still question this, because sure a new core module will not extend the warranty of any other part of the phone, however the new module (if bought or replaced under warranty should not count) would have a 2 year warranty. And yeah when the same module fails over and over and over again within short time something is going wrong and I would def question at least if this is covered by warranty as such a bad product design should not be my problem as a consumer.

Edit to avoid misunderstanding: that is my personal opinion I dont speak for Fairphone so the only party that can answer this is Fairphone, we might have different opinions and everyone can do with it what they want.

Hmm! The phone has two years but not the repairs, core module or not. The modules have two years if they are bought separatley.

So I got word back from the support team and it is as mentioned:
If I had bought the core module, i.e. replaced it out of warranty, there would have been an extension, but I did not so the warranty ended 2 years after the purchase.

But anyhow, maybe someone is going to buy this one :slight_smile:

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How much are you looking for?

Im looking for 220 euro.

Same problem.
I bought an external bluetooth GPS (a little one).
Good luck for selling your phone.

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