Selling FP2 from May 2016 in Munich. Good condition but broken bottom module

Hi everybody,

I am selling my FP2 which I bought back in May 2016. It still runs nicely and fast, battery life is normal to good for a FP2 and there are no random reboots. It has the old camera module and I also include a second battery. The phone is generally in a good condition with two minor issues and one a bit more complicated: The screen has only one small scratch that doesn’t disturb and the case has one crack at the bottom.

I loved this phone and I really hope someone will use it further, but I also want to be transparent about why I am selling it: The issue with breaking bottom modules. You can read a lot about it here on the forum, and as you can see from this post, bottom modules typically only lasted for less than a year. If the module is broken, you can still use the phone normally, but only make calls on speaker mode or with a headset. The current bottom module is broken as well, but if you want I can order a new one for you and just add the price of it to the selling price. People state different reasons why this happens more often to some phones than to others, but I think it’s mainly speculation.
You could pick up the phone and try it at my place in Munich but I could also ship it.
Please ask if you have any questions!
I am asking 130 Euros.

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Could you clarify whether that is a 2cm scratch near top of display or an artefact? For one of the earlier versions with SIM pins more likely to break, original camera module, needing new bottom module and working out @ €165 plus shipping may be a little optimistic in view of the number of FP2 hitting market as FP3s arrive with their new owners.

It’s the scratch that I mentioned above :slight_smile: Here is another picture when the phone is in use: You can hardly see the scratch.

About the price: If anyone makes a serious offer I am totally willing to adjust the price :slight_smile:

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