Selling FP2 Fair conditions + extra bottom module

FP2 - Fair conditions - Extra (new and unused) bottom module
50€ + shipping costs From Netherlands

  • Latest camera modules (12Mpx main and 5 Mpx front),
  • phone not in use since Jan. 2021 (I changed phone)
  • Battery changed 6 month before (Lasts around a day on full charge, a bit less depending on usage)
  • bottom module working very well - plus an extra brand new bottom module included
  • perfectly working screen (which is still protected with the original plastic protective screen),
  • White case with some small bumps / cracks

Perfectly working for what it is (so it’s a bit slow and can’t be compared to any high end phone, but does its job)
Has brrn Reset to factory settings

50€ + shipping costs From Netherlands

If you live in Netherlands/belgium and want to arrange in person pickup, I can add an extra (used) battery for free (can’t ship it / It’s the original battery of the phone, so older, but fine as an emergency back up)

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additional pics :

Hi Max, im interested in your Phone! Could you ship it to Germany?

Hi and welcome to the forum. Wow you are going to be popular :slight_smile:

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@Freubert: Would you need both bottom modules? I’d like to have one and would take an entire phone with such a good deal just for the extra spares but maybe we can split: I’m in Germany as well so please consider shipping me the extra bottom module for a share of the costs. Just DM me with an offer if you are interested.

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Hi Freubert, sure, can you try send me a DM ? (I still can’t, working on the steps to get it activated :stuck_out_tongue: )

Hey @mschilli87,
sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately I’m in need of both modules. I will use the phone for my wife and the spare bottom module for my own phone, as that module is broken.

@Freubert: Thanks for following up regardless. I guess I’ll have to keep looking then.

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