Selling fp2 bought in mai 2016

i want to sell my fp2. mai 2016 because i preordered a fp3.
new cameramodule and blue or turquoise case.
i live in the netherlands

I will try to upload some photo’s.

Hi @bernard welcome to the forum.
And what do you want for you FP2? Is it already available?

150 euros plus costs to send the phone from the netherlands . the fp is available right now.

Hi Bernard,
is your phone still available?
Greetings, Elina

Hi Elena

Yes it is.



Thank you. Just my husband told me we are buying a F3 … so best wishes for your selling!

I am interested by your FP2.
Could you add some photos ?

Hi Bernard,
is your phone still available?


Mark reserved my fp2. If he don t buy it i let you know


Thanks, but that’s not necessary, I just learned that I will get a gift card from a friend and so I will buy a phone officially from the webshop. Good luck!

I’m still interested, let me know.

Hello chr

The fp2 is still available. The person who reserved the phone is not interrested anymore


Hello bernard,

I’m also interested if chr hasn’t already reserved it. Do you have any picture ?


Thank you for the news. I will be happy too if you manage to upload photos :-).

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