Selling FP1-compatible USB charger ports - shipped from Belgium

Hello FP1 owners !
My USB port stopped working, but according to this post (FP1(U): USB connector / part number and order information), “A footprint compatible part is manufactured by Molex and available from Farnell via MOLEX 105017-0001” (
The problem is, you can only buy this part in lots of 10. I am buying 10 parts through Farnell and would like to offer the remaining 9 USB ports for sale.
I would only charge for costs (part = 0,48 British pounds + shipping cost from Belgium) + about 2€ per part to help me fund the repairs on my own FP1 (about 40 euros for the repair shop in Brussels).
If you are interested in buying a USB charger port for your FP1, please let me know !
I will write a follow-up on this post when the repair on my phone is done to let you know how it’s doing :wink:

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