Selling Fairphone 4 in really good conditions

Fairphone 4 (Storage: 256GB, Memory: 8GB RAM, Color: Green)

I bought this Fairphone at the end of April this year. I’ve been using it with a soft case (included) and a screen protector (removed and not included). I’ll also include a pair of Fairphone earbuds (green) and a standard cable USB-C cable (not fairphone but in it’s box) — everything for £450. The reason I’m selling is because it doesn’t support what I work on (AR experiences). It’s been factory reset.
No original packaging but will be packed carefully.

I’m travelling until the 20th of November, so won’t be able to send it before.

Get in touch if you have any questions.

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Did you register an extended warranty upon this device? You don’t mention whether shipping included here. Presumably hoping to sell within UK at this price which seems a bit optimistic, as no one in EU will be prepared to pay VAT on top of this?

Until you have spent a bit more time upon forum the facility to send Personal Messages will not be available until “Basic user” badge awarded, as not advisable to post any personal details upon open forum.

Hi there,

Registered for warranty until the 22nd April 2028. Shipping in the UK included (EU to be discussed). Is VAT charged when sending to EU? Sorry I didn’t know that.

I have the Basic user badge already I believe.


It is nowadays, in both directions :frowning: there’s a reason a lot of small EU traders just don’t sell to the UK at all any more. I’m sure smuggling operations have already started up.

Presumably you are happy to provide copy of the original purchase invoice to prospective buyer for warranty purposes?

Hi there, I am in UK and would be interested, but price seems a bit high (cable and earbuds don’t really add value for me).
Just joined the forum after buying the fairbuds XL, not sure what I need to do to be able to send direct messages.

See forumtrustlevels, you need at least trust level 1. Then you can tap/click on an avatar and use this icon to send a pm:

Hello there!

I might also be interested, but I don’t live in the UK. So even if you could send it here, the price will skyrocket because of VAT and maybe shipping, if I have understood correctly.

Overall seems like a pretty reasonable price, if I actually could get it for that.

Cheers, Max

Yes I can provide this if needed

No worries, we could discuss a price without the cable and earplugs. Send me a message once you can send direct message, just need to view a few topics and you’ll be good to go.

Where are you based? I’m going back to France around Christmas so I could send it from there if it’s easier. Otherwise, I’m sure if you put that it’s a gift on the parcel you’re not charged VAT but I’ll need to double check.

I think it will be too much of a hassle; I live in Finland.

But i hope you find someone else to make a good deal with!

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