Selling Fairphone 2 [£100 + Postage]

Hi all,

I am selling my FP2. It has had a matte screen protector on since it I bought it on 17/4/2019 from the Fairphone website. The turquoise case has a small crack in the bottom right hand corner (see the picture) but you can buy a new case easy enough (£18).

The phone Specs:

Condition: Used
FP2-New-Life-Edition (factory refurbished phone) – it has a warranty
Colour: Turquoise
Camera: 12mp
rrp: £286

The backstory of the phone

I got the phone in April 2019, before getting a job in Thailand in June 2019. The phone worked fine until late August. Then, quite suddenly, it stopped reading the SIM (I was using AIS). I got in contact with the Fairphone team but unfortunately because I was in Thailand there was no way to send it off to be looked over. I needed a phone, so I ended up having to buy a phone from a second market (kind of defeated my objective of trying to be sustainable).

Anyway, the FP2 just sat around until I got sent back to England in March 2020 because of COVID. I wanted to get it fixed but the Fairphone team said they have had issues with sim card slots and with certain Networks (02 and Giff Gaff); I was with Giff Gaff and it didn’t work but I have recently changed to the carrier Smarty (3 network) and it works fine (See the pictures). Hope that helps, any other information let me know.


ps: I’m based in the UK

I’m interested. Where are you located in the UK?

Hi Doron,

If you are still interested maybe you can pm me for more details :grin:

Hi Oli! I’m interested!

Hi Laura,

That’s great, you can pm me if you want any information :smiley:

I can’t pm you because i’m a new user :frowning:
can you write me back?

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