Selling Books to get FP Parts

Hi there everyone

I’m the proud owner of a FP2, now 2+ years old and still going strong!..except that the case is getting a bit worn, having fallen out of my pocket a couple of times!

As my partner and I are both working part-time and on a bit of a budget, I’ve resolved to pay for FP parts only out of the money I get from selling old things - mostly, on eBay.

I’m mostly selling off my old books and comics, all of which have made fascinating reads but which I would be glad to send back out into the world. Please do take a look - and if you fancy buying something, you know it’ll go towards helping out a fellow FP user! Not to mention, a percentage of everything I’m selling is also going to charity.

(And if you’d like to make an offer for anything, feel free to PM me and we can have a quick discussion.)

You can find my eBay shop here - many thanks in advance!

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