Selling almost-new FP2 in Canada, US, or Mexico

(Updated info in response!)

I quite recently purchased an FP2, and finally got around to setting it up and putting into everyday use a few days ago. I was really not loving the lack of battery longevity, but was willing to suffer through for a while, but just today realised the lack of NFC. It unfortunately didn’t occur to me to check for this feature before buying, as I just assumed it would be there.

Between this and the other ways it doesn’t fit my use profile, I’m unfortunately going to have to get a different phone. I should say - I’m a very heavy user, with a lot of work usage, and very intensive apps…if you’re a light to moderate user you’ll likely be fine.

Is there anyone in Canada (ideally Calgary, but obviously not a requirement) that would be interested in buying a barely used FP2? It’s the blue case. I’ve put Lineage OS on it, to be able to be running Android 8, but could flash it back to stock if you prefer.

More info - purchased from an official retailer (Ecosto) on Jan 28 2019, so still the majority of the warranty left. Also, I’m going to be travelling in the US shortly, and do so on a moderately regular basis, so could likely arrange to ship in US without customs charges. Will be in Mexico in a couple of months as well.

Looking for $500 CAD OBO (or $375 USD). They’re currently 400 EUR before shipping on the main site, which doesn’t ship to NA, and Ecosto seems to be out of stock on the phone itself, so this is a pretty smokin deal for a phone that’s only been used a few days.

I really love the concept, and definitely going to keep an eye on it, but just really isn’t suitable for my usage needs right now. Happy to pass this onto someone for whom it’s a better fit.

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Hi! I am interested! What’s the best way to do this… Could I give you a call this week? I’m new to this site – I’ll look for a PM option.

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If you are still not in contact via PM, you just need to spend some time on the forum, reading some posts (maybe 10) in different topics. Then you will be promoted to “Basic User” and have the option of sending a PM.
Just click on the avatar or user name first and then in the popup click on message. :wink:

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I guess the two are already in PM contact as teleute is a full member already.

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We are - but still good instructions for anyone else looking. Thanks! :slight_smile:


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