Selfie stick does not work on USB connector, what to do?

I want to use an USB connected selfiestick, but the shutter is not actuated by the shutter taste

I’ve never used a selfie stick but here are some ideas.

  • Are you sure that you can control the shutter through USB? A quick look at the literature seems to show that they are usually controlled through a Bluetooth connection. USB may be available for charging only.
  • Check your product documentation. Does it state that USB can be used for taking shots? If so check that the USB cable is undamaged and designed for data (some are for charging only).
  • If you indicate the model of your stick maybe we can check for more details.
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Thanks for the reactions. The stick is ISW2001 from ISY, a corded one with USBc connector. I think is should work. Is it possible that the USBc is not configurated for the shutter task? Nico

I would advise to ask support using the online chat

Well all I can say is that it’s very poorly documented on the web, I don’t see much reliable info, and in one picture it’s shown with a 3.5 mm jack (which is indeed more common than USB it would seem). USB seems to be virtually never used.

Did you read the documentation that came with the product ? Unless we can establish that it’s supposed to function with USB and any Android phone, I don’t see the point of bothering FP support with this, honestly.

Can you check that the USB cable provided with the product, is valid for data?

Finally, on one website I see “Fontionne [sic] avec caméra GoPro Héro (2, 3, 3+ ou 4)” which I find strange. This is a make of camera. Why specify a particular make if the stick is supposed to work with any device?

Dear Old Routard,
Thanks for your reaction. It is such a simple tool, with an USB connector and a release button which I cannot check on good working. So my first question is now whether it is anyhow possible to use an external swich connected to the USBc port for taking pictures. Do you know that?
Regards, Nico