Selfie camera not working - black screen

Hi all! I’m Wenna, UK :slight_smile:

I’m mainly very happy with my FP3+ and want to keep it as long as possible, but I’m having issues with my selfie camera. About a year ago it suddenly stopped working - when I try and switch the camera to front-facing the screen goes black/freezes/both. I’ve gone through the troubleshooting guide, tried other camera apps, even got a replacement camera module, but never any change. Also, if I try and open the camera from the lock screen by double tapping the lock button, sometimes the screen goes black and freezes no matter what camera it’s on (but only sometimes).

I’d rather not have to send it off to the repair centre as it’s out of warranty and with international shipping it’d take a long time, but I will if I have to.

Anyone had similar issues or any advice? Thanks so much!

Hi and welcome to the forum.

What OS and version are you using etc.

Check how much memory you have over 6GB would be base and
Do you have an SD card formatted as internal and have you cleared the cache
Have you trued safe mode.

By the way are you in the South West by any chance?

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