Selecting more than one pic at a time to upload to facebook

Hi all, it seems that when I want to upload more than one picture, say to an album on Facebook, I need to select each one, then it takes me back to facebook page, then I need to select gallery again scroll to the next pic, upload it, and so on. Is there a quicker way where I can select more than one (blue tick supposed to come up in corner while the pics are all being selected?) picture at a time? Thanks!

I don’t have facebook so I don’t know how to upload pics there but if I go to my gallery app I can select multiple pictures. I just long press one and when it turns blue and the share button appears I short tap the others. There is also the option to select all in the top left corner.
After you select them you can tap the share button and “show all”, I guess the facebook app should be among the options shown then.


Thanks Paul, but still no luck. Can anyone else help?!?

It was helpful tips, I have now learnt how to share more than one pic at a time to google+ and email but facebook doesn’t come up as an option to share from that share icon. Anyone else know the solution?


Well in that case you’ll probably need to download another app, if the facebook app doesn’t have that function. If you search the playstore for the words “facebook + upload + multiple or bulk or batch” there are many apps you can choose from. Since I neither have facebook nor google (play) I can’t recommend you one but I’m sure you’ll find one that works. :smile:

Thanks mate. I’ve had a friend coach me through it. Thanks again for thing the time to help out. Cheers Paul.

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I’m glad everything worked out for you. :smile:

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