Seeking recommendations for QR Scanner for FP2

Greetings all, I would like to download a QR Scanner onto my FP2 but there are so many possibilities that I have stalled. I have the regular Android software and my phone works without any issues. Perhaps the collective wisdom and experience of the FP hive can be shared eg details of apps to consider, and apps to definitely avoid. Many thanks, Andrew

I’m using this one since Symbian times (i.e. looong ago) …


Binary Eye meets all needs you’re likely to have. It’s libre, open source, and it allows the user to create their own codes, which comes in handy every now and again.

Pretty much all QR/barcode scanners use the same library, ZXing (“zebra crossing”), so they all work equally well. So selecting one is mostly down to GUI stuff - Binary Eye suits me the best, but I think it may be best to just try the couple different ones that can be found on F-Droid, see what works for you.


My personal suggestion is to first check F-Droid for apps, and only use Google Play if there is no app on F-Droid that meets your needs. That way you can avoid the data-hungry sketchy apps.

I can also recommend Binary Eye that @rmf named, it’s the most user-friendly barcode scanner of all the ones I tried:

On a semi-related note, if you allow the shameless self-promotion, if you have loyalty cards that have barcodes I’d love to suggest my own app, which is also Open Source like Binary Eye:


There was already this brief discussion:

I have tried QR Scanner (Privacy Friendly) , as it doesn’t require lots of inexplicable access authorities; and it can create QR codes as well.

But I didn’t really use it a lot, so I have not much experience.

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In my FP3 I’m really happy with SecScanQR (F-Droid): fast, simple, and it quickly reads QRs and barcodes :slight_smile:


thx for pointing out binary eye! works well on my FP2


I am using QR & Barcode Scanner (with all the features you need) found via F-Droid.

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– I was looking for the same thing and found it here. Open Source, MIT license.
Cheers, Daniel

Greetings all, thanks for the helpful comments. I have installed Binary Eye. Happy New Year. Andrew

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Please regard this posting:


May I just add, the warning doesn’t seem to apply to the Barcode Scanner from F-Droid, by ZXing Team, last update September 2018.


And the warning also does not seem to apply to the Google Play version of Barcode Scanner by ZXing Team as posted above. The warning specifically mentions Barcode Scanner by LavaBird LTD.

Confused me initially as the apps have the same name but different developers…


That’s why @teezeh mentioned com.qrcodescanner.barcodescanner already, an App correlates to a package name.

F-Droid and the Play Store have the package name in the web address of the info page for an App. For the ZXing App it’s com.google.zxing.client.android …




I am simply using the QR scanner that is included in Firefox, works very well!