Seeking an Expert in “Keep notes” for Challenging notes (now obsolete)

Thank you.

I’m getting used to the faults… I run backup when needed.
Several issues remains lie the one with alarms I use extensively but putting those 5 new questions under the title “Android 13: Can’t stop alarm” seems absurd. So I need to change the title… which might disturb others.
Isn’t there a more appropriate category?
Else from now on I can just write “TOPIC ABOUT ” in this case subject = Alarms.
What do you advise me?

Thank you for your time and answer

When dealing with such issues, checking the app’s archive or trash can sometimes recover accidentally deleted notes. As for the unwanted question popping up, it might be related to app settings or updates.

Thank you but…

I can’t see a way, a method, an app, a possibility to see what’s in the Archive. Simply because there is no app, not even “Files”, which offers a view, let alone to recover the content of the “invisible” Archive files.

The Bin is OK.

But even then, why is there the word “Keep” in front of Notes, as all other apps (which actually DO KEEP their content), do NOT start with “Keep”.

Isn’t it a bit queer that the only app which does NOT ALWAYS keep it’s content starts with that (erroneous word).

I also have another issue with Notes… oups, sorry, with “Keep Notes”:

I get a clear dot on any app (on the home screen) when something new is happening in an app; mainly when receiving new messages. THAT’S PERFECT, but…

I always (= every day, 24/7) also get a dot on “Keep” and when I swipe down the home screen it seems about an old note which asks for attention!

I never asked for this, and I never ever initiated or changed any setting to get a notification about any note, let alone all notes.

So I checked the (Keep) Settings, please see attachment (file “IMPOSSIBLE to mute or unmute Notes.png”) and…

• There is no notification option!

• The default (which I never changed) is “Add new items to bottom” which is — fortunately — exactly the opposite of what happens (fortunately, because new notes NEED to be at the top).

• There are 3 DAILY “Reminder defaults” which I can’t change, let alone disable, and whose utility seems totally inappropriate and disturbing (especially 3 times a day!!!). So, I guess, THAT must be the reason why I get unwanted notifications day after day.

I already submitted this to Google’s “Android Support” but didn’t get any help.


Q1. How to get rid of these disturbing notifications?

Q2. What’s the meaning of the “Reminder defaults” setting?

To finish I hope you can smile with the following:

So I’m truly happy there is no “Keep Calendar”, “Keep Clock” (especially for the Alarms which are vital to me), “Keep Contacts”, “Keep Files”, “Keep Messages”, “Keep Phone” or “Keep Settings”.

Thank you for your time (even after half a year) and answers

Exploring these settings could prevent similar interruptions in the future.
In my experience, Keep usually functions smoothly, but occasional glitches can happen. It’s beneficial to stay updated with app features and settings to optimize your note-taking experience. For further advice and community support, you might want to explore . They often share practical tips and solutions for managing notes effectively.