Security problems with

I can’t log in to my e- mail account via fairphone anymore.
Gmx says that there is a security Problem.

What can I do?

I should have TLS - but how do I geht that on my fairphone?

The location of the detailed settings depend on the software you are using for email. But from your initial post, it seems things did work before. Can you track what you did in between? (or did your email provider announce a change?)

Thank you for your fast response.

Today it strangely worked as usual - no problems logging in.

I don’t know why…?!?

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Potentially it could have been a problem at the gmx end rather than anything you could control.

I’ll set this topic to auto-close in a week unless you come back to say you continue to have problems

I also have problems with log-in at and This is only with my fairphone, not via desktop. The websites say that they have changed their security certificate from SSL 3.0 to TLS due to safety reasons and recommend a browser or operating system update. How can you do this?

What app are you using?

I login via Internet…
Strange is: i just could login. Before it didn’t work for about a week. Maybe the problem is fixed now?

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