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Hello, everyone. I’m new to the Fairphone 2, and, so, new to Fairphone Open. I have quite a simple understanding when it comes to the technological side of my phone. I assume that most fundamentals are covered in the automatic updates. But I don’t want to assume too much! Are there any other good apps or programs I should download for increased security?

Sorry if this one’s a bit obvious!

Since you switched to Open OS I assume you want to stay away from G%§$e and probably get your apps from F-Droid. I’d put my hands in the fire for F-Droid being the most secure source for apps.
There are ways to get Play-Store apps without a G%§$e account (see #installanyapp ), if you do that make sure not to download any BS. Other than that - if you don’t surf on shady websites or open dubious mail-attachments you’ll be pretty much as safe as can be as long as FP provides security updates.


I did download some apps I’d ordinarily get on the Play-Store through the browser, and think I had a near miss in terms of downloading something dodgy. If I had downloaded something nasty, would there be a way to check that out?

But, yes about the ‘G%§$e’ thing. When I first turned on the FP2 I must have seen the word about 100 times within the first 15 minutes. So glad there’s the alternative.

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Where did you get your apps from? Many apk-downloading-sites are not secure, some of them may even be compromised and include viruses into the apk’s.

Like @paulakreuzer, I’d suggest downloading F-Droid. F-Droid is an alternative App Store which has many open source apps. If you want to have the full Play Store catalogue, you can download Yalp Store from F-Droid, which enables you to anonymously download any Play Store app from G00gle’s servers without the need of a G00gle account. If you have more questions, just reply or send me a message :slight_smile:


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