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This is in response to a post, where I wanted to answer but didn’t want to go further off topic. I didn’t find another topic that seemed appropriate. @moderators Please move this if you find a similar topic.

First i must say that all views are very personal opinions and even stories are herein hearsay, whether true or false is not the issue.

Even a story represents peoples concerns.

The post I’m referring to is

Dubious could be many things

So queries arise as to if the resident a) new what they were doing, b) didn’t really understand the issues or c) some other person, even a member of staff, or d) a visitor actually made the search etc.

Clearly this can be very upsetting for the real culprit, by being caught and any other person that is in the line of fire.

Not a simple thing to resolve.

I don’t see how this topic relates to Fairphone. Are we supposed to figure out what happened two years ago in a care home somewhere in Switzerland? And to what end?


It dosen’t directly refer to a Fairphone but this category is classed as…

Welcome to the Industry category slight_smile Here you can discuss anything related to the electronics and software industries as well as about Fairphone

I thought this issue of security was directly related to the electronics industry in general and especially any device that can access the internet?

Hi amoun,

I’m new to this forum and one of the first things I noticed, is that I see your profile picture a lot, in many topics. It is good to see, that people like you keep this forum active and full of life.

From your post, I’m not sure I understand which part of Edmund’s post you take issue with.

I do know, however, that you can flag the post if you think something is not right or off-topic, which is probably the right course of action most of the time.

I really do agree with Volker when he says:

If there are problems between users, and you feel something isn’t going right, the best way is to contact the moderators and fix the problem with us, rather than posting a public topic to ask a public opinion.


On the contrary I have no issues with Edmund’s post. Edmund stated that they thought they may be going off topic about security in a topic for FP4 ~ eOS.

As I wanted to support their concern, without doing so on that topic, I thought it may serve better to have a topic on the issue they raised and enabling a place to discuss such concerns.

Apologies if it appears I have a problem with Edmund ~ I do not and thank them for their story. It helps keep people a bit more aware of the issues around personal security.


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The core concern with the event reported is not that it took place in a care home in Switzerland, or with forbidden content on the web. It is about US authorities (and probably many others) analysing internet traffic systematically and on a global scale! So this indeed has nothing special to do with the Fairphone as a device, but it has everything to do with privacy, using this or any other device to access the internet.

As for me, while living in a quite decent country, I am not so much worried about the Secret Services of the world (may I never regret this statement), but I am deeply concerned about the more-or-less legal data grabbing and profiling by almost everyone offering online services (including buying and selling this data at will). It seems as if in time everyone knows more about me than myself - without my consent, or even the slightest chance to keep track.
Not all of it happens on the device you’re using, but a lot of it does. That is why some people like to use /e/


Yes. I’m not worried that people think they know more about me that I do ~ more fools them :slight_smile: but I don’t want to feed the parasites. So I do what I can to limit the data gathering, so as not to suppoprt their business model.

No google account and no social media.

This and another forum are about as close as I get.

Oops! keep in touch with my kids via WhatsApp. Now I know if their battery is nearly empty and the last time each of them ‘saw’ anyone. I’m a spy.

It’s a tad embarrassing but I chose that


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Just do not read their privacy statement :stuck_out_tongue:

(I mean, what the hell do they need to transfer data to Israel for?
Some just want to make bucks, but what if others want something else, using all the same data and technology? We’ll see…)

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It’s just about power. Everyone sometimes wants a bit more, even from the first day of birth. Insecurity is an addiction so the environment and people have to pay.

Usually it’s all about sex when people grow a bit but then sex is just about power, so it just has to happen.

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