Second time I am joining such a forum

The last and only time I joined a smartphone manufacturer forum was around 2013. It was for the newly created Oneplus forum (before they began selling them).
The reason why I joined then was its fresh approach and community involvement.
However, as many of you know, Oneplus has changed. They still produce great devices, but the Oneplus spirit no longer exits (FYI - I am an owner of oneplus 8 pro).
I was excited to come across the Fairphone site. I love the concept of being a social aware and self repaired phone :blush:
Although, I am not about to purchase a new device in the near future, I would defenitely be following Fairphone.
Being that these devices are meant to last for years. I personally would like to see a more premium model:

  1. Wireless charging
  2. Stereo speakers.
  3. IP rating.
  4. +90 screen refresh rate (not sure of the rate of the fairphone 4).
  5. Enhanced security.
  6. Global shipping.
  7. Frequent updates.


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