Second Sim Card doesn't work

Hello everyone,

so, I use two sim cards for my new Fairphone 3+; the one in slot 1 does not work, but the one in slot 2 does. When I tried to use card 1 instead of sim card 2, it didn’t work, which is ok since I only need one sim card - I just use the first one to be available under its phone number; however, my phone keeps messaging me that the first sim card can’t connect with the internet. I get these messages several times a day and would like to get rid of them. Does anyone know how that works? I couldn’t find the option anywhere. I was in the settings and disabled mobile data and roaming for sim card 1. I also disabled sim card 1 generally, but whatever I do, the messages appear. Also, and this may be unrelated, but my internet connection is slower compared to my old phone, both using wifi and mobile data. Could this be linked with having two sim cards, of which one makes trouble?

One thing that often aligns with problems of all sorts is having the SD card formatted as internal. If you have an SD card ensure it is formatted as external, though this may not make any difference to your problem.

A problem with wifi and networks arises when either of the sim cards are using 4G as the bluetooth and the 2.4Ghz wifi use the same band, so you could try and set one sim card to 5G or the wifi to 5Ghz.

The 5Ghz wifi has a shorter range, so be prepared for that and ensure the bluetooth is off if you don’t need to use it.

Thank you very much, that sounds interesting. Apologies for replying late; the last days were busy. I shall try it now and see in a couple of days.

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I am not sure, if your trying to use card 1 meant switching the cards?
In other words; have you tried switching the SIM cards, i.e. inserting card 1 in slot 2 and vice versa?
What was the effect?
Still card 1 not working or slot 1 or both?

If it’s the card not working in any one slot:
Is this card an older one from your previous phone?
Getting a new card might help in this case, as older versions can cause problems.


Okay, so, I’ve done some experimentation. First of all, I’m German, but I live in Britain and have two sim cards.
The German sim card works with my new Fairphone, regardless of which slot it is in and regardless of whether the other slot is taken or not. I can make and receive phone calls and go online.
The British sim card does not work, regardless of the slot and regardless of whether the other one is taken or not. I can’t receive phone calls with it, and doubt I could make them either. I also can’t go online with it.
Since I’ll move back to Germany soon and hardly anyone has my British phone number, I could just stop using that altogether and will probably do so in the long term, but at least at the moment I need it and there’s also another problem: my wifi works if there’s no sim card, if there’s only the British sim card, or if there are both sim cards; however, it doesn’t work if there’s only the German sim card in it.
So, I’ll either be unavailable under my British number and have wifi or I’ll be available under both numbers (by putting the British sim card into my old phone - where it works) but have no wifi with the fairphone.
It would probably be best if I could get the British sim card to work, but I don’t know how…

There are a lot of variables ???

Out of curiosity what provider are you using in the UK and can you get a new sim card as there are a umber of cases where an older one doesn’t work?

Also you may have an acquaintance with whom you can test the sim ~ in their phone.

My British provider is Lebara. But the card actually worked in my old phone - and still does, so I don’t think it’s about the card; somehow it just doesn’t want to work with the Fairphone. I’ve done phone calls with my old Phone, the Fairphone and a friend’s phone and every possible combination worked, except the ones where the Lebara card is in the Fairphone… complicated! By the way, I don’t know much about British phone companies and their respective quality and reputations. I’ve just chosen Lebara because they provided a good deal and the Wikipedia article and their website looked nice. Was that perhaps a mistake and they are not reliable?

Well I’ve had mobile phone in the UK since the mid 90’s and have never heard of Lebara ? Will look it up. Yes does look like a good deal using the Vodafone network.

That a sim works in another phone isn’t a sure sign it is ok in the Fairphone. However not being a shop vendor it will be difficult to get another sim or test another out.

That you cannot get wifi when using the German sim does make me think it could be a software issue.

Have you managed to find someone else with a Fairphone? What’s your location?

Hi, sorry for my inactivity, I’ve moved house back to Germany, and I won’t need the second sim card anymore. Now everything works. Yes, the location might have been a problem; at least I wasn’t the only one with a bad connection in my house…
In any case, thank you very much for your help!


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