Second FP2 bottom module failed in 15 months


I got my FP2 in Oct 2018; aside from some teething issues moving from iOS to Android, and then moving to OpenOS I have been reasonable happy with the phone.

However, after 9 months the bottom module went so I got a replacement, this has now gone after 6 months rendering my phone useless for calls (it is my primary contact device)

Why has this happened twice in 15 months? I am not a HUGE user of my phone (calls, SMS, Twitter, music apps) and I look after it carefully so what is going on?

At present I cannot make or receive any calls and I do not want to buy another module on the assumption this will happen again, or buy a backup phone for when this happens as it would defeat the objective of an environmental phone.

Any help/advice please.



I got my FP2 on September 2017. My bottom module started to fail one month ago more or less. It seems that the bottom module is the module with the largest failing rate. I think you should contact support, get a new one (for free, it is under warranty!) and hopefully, the third time will make the charm!

Good luck!


Why would you have to buy it when you have 2 years warranty?

I use(d) magnetic adapters in all my smartphone USB ports, so I don’t need to constantly push a cable in and pull it out again. This way there’s a fixed part residing in the port, and then the cable I want to use gets the matching adapter part, and both just snap together magnetically, so there’s no strain on the port.

That at least should protect the USB port in the bottom module somewhat, but I guess your problem is related to the microphone, and I don’t see the connection from protecting the USB port to that.

I’m on my first bottom module since February 2017, so there are better ones out there, I guess.
Just get yours replaced and hope for a better one.


Sadly my depression and anxiety stop me from thinking logically so I don’t always follow the right process/path and don’t always do the simple thing. I have logged a request with support to try and get this resolved




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