Searching in Settings is slow

Searching for preferences in is really slow. It can take 35+ seconds.

Can you share a screencast? I think it’s now difficult to understand what you mean and think along to find a solution. Some more info is needed.

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It can be a lot slower than that, to the point where I just don’t ever seem to get the result, but it’s very random. Hopefully the video shows that it’s always unusually slow though.

Thanks for sharing this screencast, this helps! What if you search the same thing twice? Results aren’t cached in any way? Have you tried clearing the cache of the settings app?

Or have you tried safe mode? To exclude any interference of a 3rd party app.


They’re not.

Safe Mode does appear to work, although the issue is really inconsistent – three or so days ago, for probably the first time since Android 9, Settings searches suddenly occurred immediately, probably vaguely quicker than even Safe Mode is allowing. I don’t know why, but after five or so minutes, it was back to normal; slow.

It appears to be tied to how long the device has been on and used for, but this isn’t easily testable in Safe Mode. I’ll consider your response the answer since it does at least immediately remediate the problem.

What about your battery life? It sounds a bit like your phone has resource issues. Search should work instant on any Android phone.

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It’s not good. Mine was one of the preorders, and it definitely seems to have issues. I’ll ask Support to RMA it, I think.

Maybe check out the “More advanced troubleshooting” section of this wiki:

I had 2 FP4’s, one was pre-ordered the other one was a few months older. Both were of the same quality. Only the software improved it. So I don’t think you have a hardware fault. It could be that a 3rd party app or something is messing with the usability of your phone.

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I have screen ghosting, which Support stated was due to a manufacturing fault in early devices. I’m quite confident that this phone has a few hardware faults. Thanks; I’ll try diagnosing if this persists in my replacement.

Do you mean this issue?

Some people reported that reconnecting the display helped. Not sure if it only concerned the first devices though. I think it’s an issue that still occurs with newly bought devices.

I asked support exactly that – whether I might be allowed to replace the display to evaluate whether it would remediate the issue. I was informed that I shouldn’t, lest it violate the warrantly, and that the issue was actually caused by a manufacturing defect.

I can brave the occasional ghosting for now, I suppose.

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