Searching for Fairphone 3 core module

The Fairphone 3 of our daughter is broken. Instead of buying a new phone we want to repair it (so it would have less impact on our environment).
Therefore I am looking for a Fairphone 3 core module or a used Fairphone 3.
Please send me a message if you could offer one and name the price incl. cost for insured delivery to or within Germany.

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For consideration in case there are no offers as well as for price comparison in case there are offers …
Repairs are still available via Fairphone support, here’s the price list …

Good luck!

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:+1:t4: Thank you very much for your helpful reply :smiley:

I would prefer a used FP3 core module or FP3 still :slight_smile:

Just to make sure: Your daughter’s FP3 has a broken motherboard, right?
(asking because a rear module – i.e. the rear housing including the fingerprint sensor and the buttons would be much easier to find)

Yes, you are right - the motherboard is broken… :expressionless:

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