Searching for a small and stable phone stand

does anyone use a phone stand e.g. for using the FP2/FP3 on the desk?

Quick product search: this stand makes a good impression (it seems to be stable and “foldable”):

Can’t find it on Phone Stand – UGREEN

Does anyone have a recommendation and experiences?

Thanks a lot!

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I’m using this one sometimes: Portable Cell Phone Stand Holder – UGREEN
It’s a simple, foldable, affordable stand. I have no complains.

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Thanks for sharing your experience!

Perhaps the advantages of “my” product are that it would be a bit bigger / higher and esp. the possibility of plugging the cable.

But disadvantage that its “back” is a bit too small, its size maybe only the half of a phone? More difficult to touch the phone without the phone immediately tilting backwards. [last sentence: correct translation of deepl? ;)]

Only way to fly!


Are you trying to find out who is old here (and thus knows what this is) :man_white_haired: ?


Couldn’t be me - I took that picture with my Sony Mavica so you know I’m keeping up with the latest in tech.

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Oh, sorry, a bit off-topic …

… for the less old people:

[taken by FP2]


What a great idea. Yes, I have such a thing in my house :sweat_smile:

Be aware that there are different types of boxes.

It won’t work with the top box. You need the lower box.


Had to search a bit, but to my surprise I also still found some boxes and must say that it looks good and works very well :laughing:


Answer from China: that’s the searched product link: Adjustable Aluminum Phone Holder – UGREEN

I’m afraid to have thrown away my last cassettes at some point after all (although there is still a cassette recorder, somewhere…) :frowning:
But the mentioned phone stand looks quite good – if it only would be not from Asia and not from Amazon …

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Somewhere I must have such a thing, too. Also I like solutions that reuse what is already there :slight_smile:

This is my “multi-purpose” navigation device, attached to my FP2:


The solution with the compact cassette is great! I like simple but working solutions!
Thank You for the that!

Extensive laboratory testing :sunglasses: confirms this is compatible with FP1*, FP1U*, FP2, FP3, FP3+ …

Look out for a cassette case with a slim "underlip" (the part that is in front of the phone’s bottom edge in rmf’s photo) – makes the phone stay more upright and relieves pressure from the fragile plastic.

* with and without original case

And that’s the modern version – using a portable CD player with open CD compartment:

But I would do not need such a stand if my FP would fit into the “build-in stand” of my keyboard:


… the FP is too thick :frowning:

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This one, if you are able to catch one:
Charge stand
Goobay 43433
Also available with USB C, don’t know the part number.

I’m very happy with this one, which I bought about a month ago to allow charging the FP2 in portrait mode:

To charge it I’m using this cable:

(though regular cables work too, because you can adjust the height and angle of the stand)

Before that I used the Belkin FlipBlade stand, which is even more stable, but only allows charging in landscape mode (or upside down :upside_down_face:)


But all of these stands are not suitable for the use of the phone by touch (or only the lower 2 thirds…), right?

Works fine here with the stand I linked. The phone is about 2.5cm from the desk (other heights are possible) and even with a steep angle (other angles are possible) I can use the phone fine while my left arm rests on the desk.
The stand is placed left of my keyboard, I can even swipe down the Android status bar to handle notifications.

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I bought it shorthandly (kurzerhand? ;-)) – and I am fully satiesfied.
Only two deaths I had to die: Made in China and therefore only available via Amazon.

Thanks again!