Search function not working properly/too specific?

A few weeks ago I switched to FP open os. There were a lot of topics in this forum that were very useful. The problem was that it was hard to find them. Most of the time I knew exactly which topic I was looking for, because I had read it before, but no matter which searching terms I used, I could not find the topic. Eventually I found the topics but it took me a lot of time. This morning I was looking for the list of operating systems so I tried searching with “os versions”/“list of versions”/“list os” etc. but only fully typing “operating systems” gets me to the topic. Same goes for the update guide for a modified open os. Searching for “update open os” does not find the right topic. So I was wondering whether other people also experience this, or whether it’s just me who always manages to use just the wrong searching terms.


I don’t have many problems to find threads, though I need to admit that I usually know quite precisely what I’m looking for, which certainly gives me an advantage here.

But you can also browse categories if you look for something specific or take advantage of tags. That said, with the advanced search you can also limit your search to categories or tags and more, narrowing down your results.

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Yes unfortunately it’s a known issue that the search function is sucks a#*.
A lot of topics can more easily be found by their tags (e.g. #updateguide) than by searching.
We have some unique tags that link to a specific topic and I just created one for #oslist. :thumbsup:

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I raised that once on Discourse Meta, but they only told me to go to, where I can find a Gxxgle site search…

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